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Curtains and Blinds Cleaning in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire H10-15

Curtains, even though not on the ground can catch a lot of the airborne dust, ultimately starting to smell stale and losing color due to UV light from the sun. To remedy this, we have created professional services which can not only protect or even return the color of your blinds and curtains but also remove the stale and unpleasant smell off of your priceless Venetian blinds.

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Curtain Cleaning High WycombeOur service covers a very wide range of blind and curtain cleaning, everything from facette to wooden and even duette blinds. We will not only return the color, and a fresh smell of your curtains and blinds, but also make it so that they are protected from direct sunlight. You will also enjoy:

    • A fresh smelling room
    • Professionally cleaned blinds
    • Chemicals and toxin-free detergents
    • Damage safe procedures
    • Rejuvenated colors

If you are interested in the full list of benefits and types of blinds and curtains we clean, be sure to contact our 24/7 call team on 020 3746 8227.

Curtain and Blinds Cleaning

Our service and specialized treatments cover a wide array of blinds and curtains, coming from all corners of the world, made from all kinds of materials. As with carpet and upholstery cleaning, its important to identify the exact type of material we are treating as to determine the optimal way to approach. To guarantee that we deal with your problem properly, we have two of the most effective treatments out there.

Dry cleaning – is utilized when dealing with natural fibers that don’t respond that well to water or moisture in general. To properly clean, dismounting of the curtains or blinds is required, though after we are done, we will re-hang everything without costing you extra. One benefit of the service is the lack of moisture, making it a flexible choice when low on time.

Steam cleaning - is most effective on synthetic surfaces, here we are talking about both textiles and hard surfaces like acrylic and wooden blinds and other types of hard surfaces. A mobile steam maker is deployed so the dismantlement of the curtains is not required though in cases of heavy staining additional treatment might be required. This method has a small drying time though an open window or a mounted fan should expedite the process.

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