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In the first 6 months of a mattress’ life, over 50% of its total weight will be comprised of dead skins cells, dust and the faeces and carcasses of dead bed bugs and dust mites, which can cause skin irritations, just like in 40% of the adults in the UK and can even be the cause of more severe allergic reactions and even the development of asthma. For a complete removal professional intervention is required, and it’s here where we come in.

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Benefits of Scheduling Mattress Cleaning Service

Mattress cleaning High WycombeAside from bed bug removal and allergy prevention, our Buckinghamshire and High Wycombe service also covers all other aspects of bed mattress care, including cleaning and deodorization. We have specially made, harmless compounds that successfully deal with pet urine and food stains, without harming the fibers of the mattress, nor utilizing any toxins or harmful chemicals. You will also enjoy:

  • Spotless, quick and cheap care
  • Saving money on a new mattress
  • Bed bug and dust mite free beds and pillows
  • UV treated surfaces that do not required chemical substances
  • No environmental hazards, safe to use around humans and animals

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Service Details

As mattresses can harbor a lot of unpleasant bugs, due to constant skin flakes and hair shedding, regular cleaning and treatment needs to be implemented often. Not only will this lower the chances of bed bug infestations growing, but it will also dramatically decrease allergen count, and can even be seen as drug-free allergy relief.

UV lights – are quite handy when dealing with bug infestations, especially if the problem is a dust mite colony. Their small size and resilient nature makes them one of the hardest pests to get rid off, however, their genetic disposition to surviving almost all treatments does not save them from the all-penetrating Ultra Violet light that our experts use. It penetrates ever bit of fiber, reaching down and killing of the infestation, only having to hoover the dead bodies out as to complete the process.

Steam cleaning – on the other hand deals perfectly with urine and food stains, having a slight deodorizing effect, successfully battling all sorts of organic and wet stains. With a small drying time, this method is a very effective way of removing mattress staining and rejuvenation.

Booking Our Professional Mattress Cleaning Services

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