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Upholstered furniture tends to get its fair share of staining and general ware and tare. This is to be expected, especially in households with small children and pets as the traffic is greatly increased. While you can simply weather it out, you can do something bout it and call our services.

Call Us Now 020 3746 8227 we have the lowest prices and the fastest response in High Wycombe and the entire Buckinghamshire region as well as a 99% customer satisfaction rate which speak volumes about the quality of our work.

Benefits of Our Upholstery Cleaning Service

Upholstery Cleaning High WycombeOur local upholstery cleaning team is ready to respond to your calls, even after a short notice at no extra charge, during weekends and even bank holidays, from 5:30 am until 23:30 pm. After booking us you can enjoy:

  • Fresh smelling furniture
  • Fiber rejuvenation
  • Eco-friendly detergents and cleaning equipment
  • Toxin-free allergen removal
  • Effective stain extraction with no risk of damage

With a 24/7 customer support center 020 3746 8227 you can be certain that all of your concerns can be addressed properly in a professional and timely manner.

About the service

Upholstery can be very sensitive to staining and spotting, if not handled properly permanent damage may be dealt with the textile as well as the image of your living or lounge areas. In cases where we need to deal with cases of upholstery staining, we have treatments that will extract and rejuvenate the textiles of your furniture safely and quickly.

Dry cleaning - ideal in dealing with food and grease stains as well as wet staining. As it utilizes a fine dust to extract the grime and spotting from the materials, it is also effective in removing moisture, in fact this is a procedure that is perfect for when concerned with mold growth and drying times. Since the fine dust is gentle it is used on natural fibered carpets with zero chance of damaging the material.

Steam cleaning – is used when battling urine, blood and food staining on synthetic or woolen textiles on furniture. A hot steam jet is injected under high pressure into the base of the material; it binds with the grime which is then extracted via vacuum leaving only 5% of the overall moisture used in the process. The material should dry within hour and half of finishing.

Fast Booking

To instantly book for High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire H10-15 free of charge, call our customer support at 020 3746 8227 and receive a free price estimation with your scheduling. You can also fill out our booking form located on our site. A 24/7 support team will respond to your call and smooth out the finer details of our visit. For instant help, we also have a chat system on our site that you use even now and get answers to our questions.

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